Centre of the Third Age Education



Tempus 544517-TEMPUS-1-2013-1- IT-TEMPUS-JPHES, «Center of the third age» (Centre of the Third Age Education - CTAE)

Programme EC funding:
Interregional Programme ENPI.

Target group:
teachers and university administration, the local community.

Goal and objectives of the project:

1. Development of accumulation of human capital management and distribution through lifelong learning, including the elderly to social systems of non-formal education and training in Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine;
2. Campaign with an increase of awareness of the society and the academic community regarding the Third Age education in the partner countries.
3. Establishment of Centres of Education in the Third Age partner universities and ensure their sustainable operation.
4. Ensuring equal access to education and facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge between generations.

Outcomes of the project:
1. Self-assessment and external analysis of the situation of tertiary age in the partner countries.
2. Analysis of the current experience of the European Union in the field of the third age.
3. The development of effective models of Education of the Third Age in partner countries and its implementation in the consortium universities considering European best practice and national characteristics of each country.
4. The activities of the capacity building project, including the development of curricula and programs for the Third Age Education Centers.
5. Training of qualified personnel centers and those third age of the pilot group.
6. Working with local authorities and community (non-governmental organizations, local businesses) for distribution of the third age;
7. Create a web platform for the dissemination of lessons learned and practices of the third Age.

Expected results:
1. Dissemination of knowledge of the third age of the academic community 3 partner countries.
2. Creating a center of education in the Third Age 9 kriyin partner universities.
3. Pilot and autonomous operation created centers.
4. Dissemination of information about the activities of the Third Age Education Centers in the communities of the partner countries.
5. Ensuring the sustainability of the project, quality control and monitoring, project management.

Project Coordinator:
University of Genoa (Italy)

Partner institutions:
University of Malta (Malta)
Technical University in Zvolen (Slovak Republic)
Stretklayda University (UK)
Lodz Humanities and Economics University (Poland)
Association of Universities of the Third Age (Portugal)
University of Alicante (Spain)
Baku Eurasian University (Azerbaijan)
Caucasian University (Azerbaijan)
Kuban State University (Russia)
Volga State University of Service (Russia)
Samara State Technical University (Russia)
Saint Petersburg State University of Plant Polymers (Russia)
Donetsk State University of Management (Ukraine)
Volyn Institute of Economics and Management (Ukraine)

Ternavs′ka A. V., head of the Department of international cooperation and project work
email: ctae.viem@gmail.com тел. 38 (0332) 5/28/80, 78-98-33
Ožiêvs′ka A.Y.-Coordinator of international projects
email: ctae.viem@gmail.com тел. 38 (0332) 5/28/80, 78-98-33 skype: oguevskaa

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